BASICS Four Wire


Click here for the BASICS Four Wire datasheet.

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    Ivan Pracucci


    I have a system composed as follows:
    Site 1:
    A radio gm 340 connected to a vocality BASICS Four Wire which is registered to an innovaphone switchboard.
    2 sip telephone connected to the same exchange.
    When a vocalituy is called from a telephone the system works perfectly.
    And even when I call the phone from the radio the system works perfectly.
    Site 2:
    Two sip phones connected to the innovaphone switchboard of the first site, when they call the phones of the first site they ring and work.
    When I call the Vocality I hear a free tone, but the radio transmitter does not activate.
    When I call the vocality from the radio of site 2, nothing happens.
    Where am I wrong?

    This is log sip in to vocality :

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    Ivan Pracucci

    PortoCorsini - Vocality BASICS Four Wire
    Version: V08_21.05 PRODUCTION - RELEASE
    Serial Number: 110232
    Mac Address: 70:b3:d5:0f:e9:05
    Maintenance Expiry: 1-Apr-2019 V8

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