Repair (RMA) Process


All Vocality hardware and software comes with a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase.· Once this warranty is expired, in order to continue to receive repairs you have the option to purchase a Service Package.

Please consult the Support Services Brochure for details.

Step One

Contact Vocality technical support to run through telephone diagnosis to confirm the warranty status of the unit. If the unit is in warranty, support will confirm whether a repair is required and if so, and RMA number will be issued.

Step Two

If out of warranty, the customer has at this moment the ability to purchase a Service Package for the unit. Then simply return the unit stating the RMA number for investigation and repair.

Step Three

You will receive a repair report outlining the fault that was found and the steps that were taken to repair the unit.

Finally, we may need to charge extra (based on Vocality's regular hourly rates) for the repair. These incidences are, for example, equipment being struck by lightning or power surge, equipment being physically damaged or clearly misused, or if repairs are going to take more than 10 hours because of the extent of the damage. In these cases you will be informed before the work is carried out.

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